Sunday, March 18, 2007

Please Compromise Security, We’re Rich

There are two ladies who come in for rehabilitation geriatric services. Everyday at 1620 they walk into the hospital entering through the front lobby to have dinner in our cafeteria. They spend about $1.13 each on chow, sit and bad mouth the staff. The reason people put up with them is because they are filthy rich.

Our hospital is in the middle of renovations which has blocked off certain short cuts. People now have to make a some what long walk to get to our elevators and head down to the café. There used to be straight shot from the front lobby to the elevators. We have placed motorized scooters to help the handicap and geriatric people get around this inconvenience.

Well the other day my director was called and asked a weird question. Our quality management department, which is next to the café, called and wanted to know if we cou
ld unlock all basement doors at 1620 and lock them when called? The doors are set to only open with a key card and can be exited in an emergency. My director not only told them no, but he was planning on having all erroneous doors removed to control access to the hospital. Quality management informed my director that there were two elderly ladies tired of walking around and wanted the basement doors unlocked so they could enter and exit at ease. They did not want to use the motorized scooters because of their pride. Once again my director responded with a firm no!

The most important thing in our hospital is customer service. Although I agree people need to be treated with respect especially in a hospital setting, but where do you draw the line. Do we risk everyone’s personal security by hindering access control so we don’t hurt the pride of two geriatric patients? If the security department is to leave the entire basement open then who is to say that someone else enters with the intent to cause harm? Frankly they can go buy their little scoops of veggies somewhere else because I will not risk staff and patient’s safety because of two old ladies pride.

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