Thursday, March 15, 2007

Liberty For the Criminals and Justice For None

A while back my partner and I had a dangerous situation on hand. My partner and I were in our office finishing up paperwork for some earlier incidents when our registration called about an intoxicated person. My partner arrived and found an intoxicated male in early 40s yelling at his wife. The subject was cursing and ranting about hitting a car. According to my partner he escorted the subject outside and informed him if he did not leave the police would be called. He thought the incident was over and we went back to paperwork.

A few minutes later I hear the someone out in registration arguing. Sure enough it was the same suspect back arguing with his wife and staff. He wanted to go back in the emergency room to see his step daughter and his wife refused to allow him. I told them that they needed to take their conversation outside. Of course I received a barrage of insults and then him and his wife went outside. I had a feeling something was wrong so I called my partner and followed the couple outside.

The women was walking to her mini van completely ignoring the drunk guy insults completely. When she arrived at the door that is when he snapped and grabbed his wife by the throat. With one hand he choked her and with the other hand started to hit her. I ran up twisted his arm and bounced him off the concrete. I checked to see if she was ok and my partner ran after the man. He jumped into his cherry 1969 chevelle with over 700 horse power (wife informed us later on the cars specs). As we chased he put his car in drive and almost ran my partner and I over, us jumping out of the way at the last moment. My partner took off on foot and I jumped in the security vehicle while radioing for the police. He took off our property so we could not follow. I turned on the police scanner to hear that it turned into a high speed chase. The drunk ended up recking the car and getting his ass whooped by the police when he tried to assault the deputies.

My partner and I received summons to be whiteness in the case. The day before court he pleaded out. I checked his past arrest records and this man had over 10 DUI, 3 felony domestic assaults one beating his previous wife, and several speeding tickets. So I was thinking they will throw the book at this guy especially since he tried to run my partner and I down. Well I called back and got the results. The SOB got off with no jail time and $1000. dollars in fines. Because your spouse can not be forced to testify she backed out at the last minute and dropped the charges. The high speed chase turned into fines and well there is no proof that he tried to run us over. She doesn't want to testify and she was our only witness. We almost get killed trying to protect this women's life and all this guy got was $1000. in fines. The county made a few bucks because it would cost way to much to keep him in jail.

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Mother Jones RN said...

Good grief! The criminals have more rights than we do. You guys do outstanding work. One day we will be reading in the newspaper that the guy killed his wife.

Mother Jones RN said...

ps....thanks for the link. Please email your contact information. We need to talk ;-)


Anonymous said...

Look dude-

What you have to remember, is eventually a person like that will come in on a stretcher. Then you and your buddy can take turns hitting him in his balls with the little reflex hammer, or put a lot of that tape on his hairy ass for him to pull off later. It is a circular world, my friend.