Sunday, July 27, 2008

Done? Driving RNs Crazy for 5 years and Still Going

It has been quit a break in writting for me, but trust, I haven't been sitting back with my feet up. The supervisor of our department left for more money and less work at another hospital (poor bastard). So they promoted yours trully to run the department as well as emergency management for Maryland. So they locked me in a office and piled a bunch of paper work in front of me. They forgot how ever to take the radio away from me so when ever something pops up, I knock everything over and go to the fun.

In the past couple months we have had psychotic patients try to stab nurses in the face, throw computer screens at pregnant people, and of course I love my drunks who think it's a great idea to grope the RNs of the E.R. With my new title I at least get to address the issues with the CEO/President and all the Vice Presidents. Made some changes, but not enough to make it a safer place for the staff.

I have to wait for one of them to get hurt and they call a meeting and I say I told you so, now give me the money to un-screw this up (yes, I talk to them like this....when I know I am right). I never knew how boring paper work was, but it is important to make it a safer work environment.

This will probably be one of the last posts I will make. Paper work, legal suits, and ethics issues are not as interesting on paper. Yes, I know I will miss all the pissed nurses who leave angry comments (which I actually love reading) I have a lot on my plate. Between school, morgue attendant (bet you didn't know I did that too), being a active member of the Freemasons, York Rite, and work there is hardly time to write down my thoughts. I thank all those who have sent me supportive emails which I have needed at times.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

New Post after a long Vacation

I thought I would write a new post. I have put my writing on the back burner for a while now. In the past several months you know a lot has happened at the hospital and I will go ahead and start writing new stories. Here is something from a recent incident;
I was sitting back watching our cameras when I received a call from the emergency room. The nurse told me that a hysterical women had just called. The women stated that her husband had pulled into the parking lot and started having a heart attack while on the phone with her. The nurse asked me if I could locate the vehicle, no problem at least I thought.

Well the man had driven up to the front of the E.R entrance. The door was ajar and he was hanging out the door. I called for help and of course no one came, read my stories there is a pattern here. I went to check his pulse and there was none, but his chest was going up and down. So for the hell of it I leaned his car seat back and started compressions while trying to call for help on my radio.

The nurses decided to send someone from registration to see why I kept yelling code blue. When the registration girl who has less training than me came out I got a pulse, faint, but it was there. I told the registration girl to get help (actually at this point I was cursing like a sailor). The triage nurse finally arrived to give a helping hand.

We got this large man out of his vehicle and onto a stretcher and an EMT came over to lend a hand. While we were moving him we managed to drop him on my left leg. They took over compressions because in the transfer his heart stopped again. We wheeled him into the emergency room where he was pronounced dead.

As I walked out of the emergency room slightly pissed off, lack of a better term, the new widow just came in and guess who got to play counselor next. So I took her to a private room and sat her down with the doctor. She was upset with the person that found her husband because when she hung up the phone he was alive. He had no history of heart attacks, lived healthy, and was rarely ever sick. I did not have the heart to tell her that person was me.

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