Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby Kidnapped and Lets Blame Secuirty

I am sure you have all heard by now about the baby stolen from Lubbock, Texas hospital. If not here is a little reminder for you all that live under a rock, this is from NBC news. 21 year old Rayshaun Parson was arrested and accused of kidnapping the 3 day old infant. Police said the woman in this surveillance video is Parsons, who posed as a medical worker, claimed she was taking the baby for tests, and walked out with the infant hidden in her purse.
The news of late has decided to blame the incident on the security department which is wrong! First off security officers can not be everywhere at one time nor can they check in every person who enters. The problem in most health care facilities is that no one thinks security is their job. The report says, “The women posed as a medical worker”, she dressed in scrubs. Also ask any real RN or CNA they know who works in their department, yes even the new ones. The women claimed she was taking the baby for tests. Who the hell accepts that answer that was complete laziness on the nurses’ part? Any tests on the baby would have been done in that department and if the baby was to be transferred the baby’s RN would have assisted in the transfer. Here is an example of what should have been said;

Nurse: Excuse me, can I help you?
Impersonator: Oh, I am here to pick up this baby to take for some test.
Nurse: Ok, hold on one moment while I call that baby’s nurse. I haven’t seen you around before,
what department do you work in?
Impersonator: I am just a tech, I work all over the hospital.
Nurse: I can’t see your ID badge and I didn’t catch your name, what was it?
Impersonator: Oh, my name is “blank” and I left my badge at home.

By now the baby’s nurse should have arrived and furthered questioned the women about what
tests are to be performed. With in a few moments an intelligent RN would have figured out this woman was a fraud and called the police or at least call a code pink. I know what people are thinking, that it is easy to point this out after the incident. This is in no way true, I have worked around RNs and I know they would never accept I am here for tests; give me the baby as an answer. The nursery dropped the ball, but instead of admitting fault they will let everyone blame security. The security department puts cameras up for these reasons. If those lazy security officers never up those cameras, one can only wonder where that baby would be. Probably dead and in the dumpster or sold on the black market. When something goes right security never has anything to do with it, but a staff member screws up its securities’ fault. I am very happy to hear that the baby was found, but the hospital needs to review it's policy on handing out sick infants to anyone that asks.

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Nathan said...

I totaly agree, the nurses need to be more conscientious of who they let take babies from the nursery. If it wasn't for the surveillance cameras that caught a picture of this baby thief I am sure it would be very difficult to find that baby. I am very glad the baby was found.

Anonymous said...

I thought the lady took the baby from the mother's room. The nursery should have educated the mother not to release the baby to just anyone, and they probably did, but the mother just saw scrubs and gave the baby up. I work in a nursery and mothers do let you take their babies without lookin at your badge. Scary. Also, the mother would have been on the OB unit and the OB nurses might not know all nursery people. Esp if they have resource people (or people pulled all over the hospital). The ball was dropped in a lot of places. Why didnt the security alarm go off? Why was it only recognized when the mother reported it. Faulty system it seems. That is the fault of whoever installed the security system.

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