Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot Nurses and Their Stalkers

All work places have them, extremely attractive people whether they are male or female. Because of what is known as the Florence Nightingale effect, patients falling in love with their nurses, even the old trashy books from the 50’s and 60’s involving doctors having their way with nurses. The porn industry has created a fixation on sexy nurses from these things which has created a mass lust for hot nurses.

The other day I had a nurse who seemed slightly upset; I told her I would help her because my partner and I were fighting two mental patients. After the doctor wrote orders for me to put both patients into seclusion I asked her to meet me in the office. The nurse informed me that someone had been following her to work and vandalizing her and another nurse’s vehicle. She said she thought it may be a former employee who was fired for unknown reasons, even to security. He always wanted to date her and the other nurse, but he was always turned down. Frankly this was an extremely weird individual who said off color remarks and no that is not why he was fired.

The person had painted “GAY PRIDE” with a big rainbow on all the windows on both vehicles. The person she suspected had in the past shown up at the hospital and pushed in her rear view mirrors. The other nurse’s brother had past away not to long ago and the suspect would call her in the middle of the night and tell her, “your brother always hated you and he is probably glad he is dead”. At this point I had heard enough and decided to call this sick SOB.

When I called he must of saw the caller I.D and said the nurses name and apologized. Then I said in my deep voice, this is not her, this is hospital security and you and I now have a problem. He gulped loudly over the phone the suspect now knowing who he is talking to. In the past I had a fist fight with someone much bigger than me in the emergency room in front of the suspect. I broke the guy’s neck and he needed M.R.I.s and several x-rays, he touched a nurse. I told him that if he arrived at the hospital for any other reason then to be seen that I would not bother calling the police and he will have to deal with me. He apologized several times and promised to not show up again.

Both the nurses are very attractive people and are constantly harassed by staff. The problem is that they do not want to cause a problem so they say nothing until it is too late. The suspect had always been obsessed with these two and because they never handle it right away the obsession festered. Now they have a possible psychopath stalker after them. I just ask for any staff member male or female to report sexual harassment no matter what even if others consider you un-attractive. People always say there is someone out there for everyone; hopefully the one out there for you doesn’t try to kill you. Report all harassment before it is too late.

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