Saturday, April 21, 2007

Too Little To Late

I have to explain how security works since there has been so much in the news lately. When something terrible happens then news stations always say we need to re-evaluate security. I am going tell you how security works; you can only deter the average person from committing a crime. If someone wants to hurt someone it is going to happen, security and police can only really deter people that care. An example would be people speeding on the highways. You know there are police out there looking so you slow down, but some keep speeding with no care for their and others safety.

Security officers are bonded to the rules and regulations of their company. The Virginia Tech shooting was a tragedy, but could have had yielded less victims if the rules were different. After the first shootings at the dorm the campus should have been shut down, but the director did not want to do it. So the shooter returns and kills 30 more people and now its securities fault. Then I read that someone killed a hostage and their self at NASA and they are blaming security.

Here is the problem in most facilities; they have so much square footage they need covered including access control, but they under staff and misuse the security personnel they have. Our CEO at my hospital hates to see fire trucks out front because it just looks bad. So one day I went out for my patrol and the local fire department needed to have their PPD read
and they decided to drive the fire truck to the hospital (they can park where they want). The last time we had a fire truck out front the CEO chewed out my partner in front of everyone. So I see this fire truck in front of the ER and start telling this guy to move it to the side of our building and he refuses. The whole time I am out arguing with this idiot who doesn’t want to walk the extra 15 feet a C.N.A got jumped by 3 people. The CEO is stubborn as hell, but does not want to get sued so he finally has relaxed his personal rule on fire trucks, but it was to little to late for the C.N.A. Oh yea did I mention it was still some how our fault, I was only doing as I was told by our CEO. The sad truth is facilities will always wait for some kind of tragedy to happen for them to realize they are misusing security or change policy.

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the high falootin grand poohbahs what be in charge dont give a tinkers damn about security cause it costs them money and is a nasty inconvienance to the just get da puddin.