Sunday, April 8, 2007

Be On The Look Out: GOD

It seems that with almost every unexplainable action, an act of a person that boggles the mind, to the committer there is one simple explanation. It turns out that God tells them to do it or at least some where in their religious doctrine the action is allowed. Ever since I started working security on the streets to present day in a hospital when I question a suspect’s or patient’s motives they answer God told them to do it. I see it a lot on psych wards and amongst drug users. They are afraid to take responsibility for their actions i.e. pulling a fire alarm because God said a fire was immanent when they did it really for attention. Religion manipulation does play a role in criminal activities. People steal for financial gain to provide for their families even though all religions make stealing a sin, but if they use the money for food religions say it is a sin to have hunger. Religions justify killing but not murder, so if a person feels the killing just then they will not be punished by God.

I have found when dealing with a problematic or suicidal patient having a broad knowledge of all religions can help defuse potential dangerous situation. To understand people’s motives you have to know religion whether or not you believe.

Flashlight 1


Anonymous said...

We do not have look out for God but for the devil. He (the devil) is the one responsible for evil not God. He (the devil)is the author of confusion and despair not God.

Take care, Greg

Anonymous said...

ok so god made the devil do it.

Mother Jones RN said...

Good point, Flashlight 1. Excellent post.


The Angry Medic said...

Whoa. This was really profound and very mature. You're obviously really dedicated to your job.