Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Doctor on the Block

Well we have a new psych doctor to our hospital. There was promises that things would get better because this doc unlike the last was really dedicated. In the last several months we have had a lot of problems on our psych ward, as you can tell by my posts. The nurses were pulling their hair out and we have been having to restrain a lot more patients and administration frowns on that. The old psych doctor has decided to practice elsewhere (trust me he needs to) and they brought in a very popular doc.

Upon the new doctors arrival we had a patient starting to act out. The nurse immediately recognized this acting out to be sun downers syndrome. As the day wore on the patient was growing more and more agitated and psychotic. The counselor started talking to the patient while the RN paged the doctor. The counselor and I were able to talk the patient down, at least we thought.

After 8 hours of paging the Doctor and no response things went down hill. I was patrolling when the RN called over the radio for help. My partner and I took off in a sprint and hit the door like a ton of bricks. When we got down the hallway we found the counselor and RN pinning the patient to the ground. The RN stated that the patient had hit her in the mouth. I called over the radio for a code green (emergency response team needed). What we didn't know was that our operators handling the radio were idiots.

The operator asked if we were going to go to the scene. I told her I was already there. She called no one for help. The RN had to get to the phone to call the clinical coordinator (house supervisor) and he called for assistance. We got the patient into the "quite room" and put her in 3 point restraints. The clinical coordinator checked out the RN and we started documenting. After the incident the clinical coordinator got a hold of the doctor and the new doc got his ass chewed.

The doctor has not been returning pages for the last couple weeks. He claimed that the RN was incompetent and mixed up the last two numbers on the pager. I checked into it and the numbers were indeed correct and the doctor was lying. Now he is saying that the pager the hospital gave him is junk, so he is using his own personal pager. Well now he not answering that one either. I have made a complaint to administration because we are being tied up on the psych unit. The nurses are not aloud to do really anything without doc's permission. The guy is going to get someone killed.
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Mother Jones RN said...

I hear that kind of stuff is happening in more hospitals. It's sad that the nurses and security officers always seem to get the shaft.

Kim said...

This just sucks big time. I've always wondered what I would do if a patient ever hit me. The psych doc is a jerk of major proportions. Sounds like he has some major "psych" issues!

Anonymous said...

if that psych doc. ever shows his ass up on the ward,restrain his benevelant butt just so you have around for the next freeforall.