Friday, January 26, 2007

If your Crazy and You Know It

We had another case of the crazies and this time no one pushed the patient there. We received a call at 1800 hours to come to the emergency department. As my partner and I arrived in the emergency room we hear a women in a room screaming profanity, we assumed this is why were called. We grabbed her doctor and he informed us that she had skipped her day treatment with the psych ward and instead mixed her medication with alcohol. The doctor informed us he had already placed an emergency petition on her and she was to go in 4 point restraints. Not hard at all we thought she maybe weighed 100-105 pounds soaking wet. As we glove up the doctor says, " Oh yea, she has hepatitis and she ripped her I.V out." So when my partner and I opened the curtain the whole left side of her bed was soaked in blood and she was pushing the nurse. The first thing we did was lift her up and put her in the bed. Then she started to use more profanity and call me a fat pig, which really doesn't bother me at all. The funny thing was after we had both legs and one arm restrained she yelled at my partner, "What you gonna do, go home and tell your fat wife you tied little old me to a bed?" The funny part was not only is my partner single, he goes home to his cat and no the cat is not fat. The cat's name will be kept hidden because I am sure somewhere it is against HIPPA regulations. While we are finishing the last hand my partner's hand slides a little because of the blood and she scratched my arm. We have now went from irritated to pissed off and my partner and I slam her hand to the bed and tie that arm down. Afterwards I get to get checked out by the doctor. The scratch did not break the skin and that part of the arm was the only part not to come in contact with blood. The rest of the day my partner and I got to respond to stupid calls and open doors. Got to love this job to show up the next day.

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